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Is Your Home Page up to Date?

The average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video, than without.  Have you thought about a short video to introduce, or attract attention?  Check out some new up to date websites, and see what is being posted.  Media has more impact now than ever.

Are You a Business Owner?

Business owners:  I compose music and videos at a very reasonable price.  Just ask.  You know how important videos are in this day and age!  You don’t have to spend enormous amounts of money to produce short, precise, and right to the point videos.  They must have pizazz.  Note: These shows can also be done with (still images, and video) combined.

Introduction Videos to Stimulate.

30 to 40 second videos are a great way to grab attention.  You need movement immediately, and a sound track that is catchy, and full of life.  Let’s increase dwell time at your website.

We Want Clicks

Customers that are emotionaly charged will very probably click on another page within your site. They are more likely to view your video and learn more about the business, and products being displayed.  Also think about how much time you spend writing clever dialogue.  A video, and lively Sound Track will deliver more gravity, and certainly engage your website visitors.

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