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Music is the Backbone of Your Video.

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There are so many things that can be done.  Get all of your creative heads together, and come up with some good contemporary ideas.  Together we will organize and out-line a defined strategy.

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Marketing requires planning.  What is the age of your target audience?  Is it a niche group, or a broad aged group?  What images will we need to attract attention?  What genre of music sound track will fit the best?

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I have a leading edge software package called “Studio One” by Presonus Inc.  I am able to insert your MP4 video right into my music software project file.  At this stage, I can edit and record the SOUND TRACK with precise timing.  This is the way movies are scripted and pieced together.  Also I own a Sony video camera for basic video shooting if necessary.

Slide shows are used for everything these days.  Marketing, weddings, graduations, family reunions, funerals, business presentations, school projects, and many more.  Our modern culture is image driven, and the SOUND TRACK adds an immense and powerful backing to the show.  I own software for complete development of a slide show project.  Video stream slide show and sound track combined.

How smart and creative can we be?  How do we connect with emotion?  (Eye catching photo images!)  My challenge is to make an impact on your business, or entertainment for that matter.  The sky is the limit!

Call now, (414-405-2156) or email me on my CONTACT PAGE.  I will make your video, or slide presentation one that will stand out!

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