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My Sample Libraries

When it comes to sample libraries, I have invested like crazy in the past six years.  I have accumulated an arsenal of sounds from musical instruments, to synthesizers, and special effects.  When you listen to my PROJECTS you will be experiencing top grade professional samples.  These are some of the same samples used on million seller hits, and movie trailer sound tracks.  I am proud of this collection!

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Spitfire is an English company with major savvy when it comes to creating string samples.  Anyone in the recording/sound design industry knows that the functionality, and amazing sound of their libraries is worth the investment.

My 1st library purchase was Gravity… a set of smashes, hits, impacts, and explosions.  More Libraries were also added: NOVO, Master Sessions Drums, Vocalise One, Scoring Guitars, Forces of Nature, Special FX, and Aeon Collection.

UVI is a French based company with so many types of samples.  I have their Vintage Vault which is a massive collection of synthesizers.  This collection has samples from Moog, Oberheim, Yamaha, and many others.  Also included:  Orchestra, Attack EP88 Rhodes, Nagoya Harp, Acoustic Piano, Falcon Synthesizer, Beatbox Anthology 2, Retro Organ, Whoosh, and World Suite.  There is enough here to do whole projects just with the UVI Libraries.

Output is a specialty innovator with very unique sound engines.  I use SIGNAL, which would be described as a pulse synthesizer.  I also have a very diverse library called EXHALE, which utilizes vocal samples, and then mutilates them into all kinds of interesting sounds.  I recently added Analog Strings.

I have several libraries by Sound Iron.  4 collections of Choirs, (Mens, Womans, Boys, and mixed) Also … Ambius Prime, Apocalypse Percussion, Emotional Piano, Motor Rhythms, Anti Drum,  and Glitch Hero.


XLN is a Swedish based company featuring top grade Drum Kits called “Addictive Drums”.  I use them all the time. The realism is contagious.  I also own their keyboard library called, “Addictive Keys”.  These libraries are top quality.

Sample Logic has many libraries on my wish list.  Right now I have a drum synth called , “Rhythmology.”  It is an amazing kit with a style like no other.

Hanz Zimmer, the famous movie sound track composer has numerous collections available on the market.  All are very detailed and unique.  His piano collection is no exception.  I use these piano samples often.  Hanz Zimmer actually sells his products via Spitfire Audio.

IK Multi-Media is an up-comer in the sample industry.  I have their library, “Sample Tank Four” which is a bread and butter everything you name it, group of samples.  It covers so many instruments.  I also have their GS2 Guitar set, which includes electric and acoustic guitar sounds.  Recently they have released a large synthesizer package.  They also have products available to record from I-pad, and Cell phone.

Although this is not a sample library, Ozone 8 Mastering Suite is a killer plug-in.  It’s signal processors blow me away.  When they say, “State of the Art”, it is NO exageration.  When the recording is complete, Ozone takes the tracks to another level.  These products are high quality!

Listen to Some of Fran's Projects.

Although many of my projects are done in an artistic way, I am able to switch gears into a marketing environment, and record any style of music you can imagine, or describe.  TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT!!!

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